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Dani Alexander--Author

I'm here because a lot of the awesome people from GR came here. I won't pester people with follows/friend requsets. That's uncomfortable, imo. But please, feel free to friend request me so I know you're open to talk to an author! I love talking to people or just reading their reviews.

Lena Lena is writing fanfic!

A few weeks ago, as Lena Lena watched me and Jess struggle with a reread of Fish & Chips, she decided that maybe she should help us out by turning it into a Steve Rogers/Tony Stark fanfic, sort of a cross-over AU.



Anddddd,  drumroll, please, she has started it.  First 4 chapters are up here:  http://archiveofourown.org/works/1485127/chapters/3134167