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I'm here because a lot of the awesome people from GR came here. I won't pester people with follows/friend requsets. That's uncomfortable, imo. But please, feel free to friend request me so I know you're open to talk to an author! I love talking to people or just reading their reviews.

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Favor - Steven x Davis

I think we're meant to not like Al, but I like him a lot, actually. I find his lechery hilarious and his snark even more hilarious. I love that he doesn't give a shit about what anyone thinks and just lives how he's gonna live and say what he's gonna say. in that way, he reminds me of Sonny and Daniel and Kate and Marleen and I have to say, those are the people I immediately gravitate towards.


I dunno what to say except I like the MC, but he's so bland comparatively. I enjoy looking at the world through his eyes because he sees everything and he analyzes it without a lot of bullshit emotion. It just is and he makes a judgement on some stuff, but some stuff he just sees. It's a cool way to tell a story.