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I'm here because a lot of the awesome people from GR came here. I won't pester people with follows/friend requsets. That's uncomfortable, imo. But please, feel free to friend request me so I know you're open to talk to an author! I love talking to people or just reading their reviews.

After a month of Booklikes what do I think?

I find it really hard to compare GR and Booklikes.  They are inherently different platforms.


GR is meant to network books.  It is all book-centric, with the individual book page being what ties everything together.  Go to a book page, find out what all your friends think, read the reviews and comments, find other books by that author, suggestions of if you liked this you might like that, etc, add it to your TBR with an easy one button click that doesn't take your attention off all the other information, talk about it on the linked discussion threads.  THAT is the essence of GR.  First the book, from the book it spreads out to everything else. 


Booklikes is a blogging site.  It is user-centric.  Find people to follow, listen to what they have to say about books.  It puts the individuality of every user first.  So it isn't "books", it's what your social network, and you, have to say about them.


I don't want to try to compare the two sites.  GR is mature, it's very easy to use and has lots of features, along with some highly irritating technical glitches they won't fix.  First among those is the absolute garbage search feature.  BL is very young, is still growing into itself and is adding new features constantly.  It also is very limited in some ways and clunky in others.  They aren't in the same place, but BL seems much more responsive to what users want to see added and changed.  I feel like they are trying but aren't there yet.


For me personally, BL works better which I find a little surprising.  I don't really need a way of finding and cataloging books.  I lived for decades reading lots of stuff all on my own and never had problems growing my TBR.  What I liked most about GR was the group of niche genre-reading friends who I could bounce ideas off of and have fun with.  BUT what it lacked was the ability to easily throw out a thought and start random conversations.  I do that a lot and I can do it oh so easily on Booklikes.  Because here the conversation comes first.  It's oh so easy for me to start conversations.  ;p


I still use GR to look up book information.  Nothing beats them as a resource where all the info on a book is compiled in one place (how accurate that data will be if the librarians start backing off from giving free services to Amazon is anyone's guess).  But I don't live there, just like I don't live at the library.   It's become a tool when I want specific information.  When I just want to chat, I come here.