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I'm here because a lot of the awesome people from GR came here. I won't pester people with follows/friend requsets. That's uncomfortable, imo. But please, feel free to friend request me so I know you're open to talk to an author! I love talking to people or just reading their reviews.

Live Chat with me Reminder (it's at 4pm CDT!)

Starfighter Visual Novel Kickstarter Campaign

And, I love this idea!

Got questions for me? Rainbow Book Reviews is hosting a one hour chat with me.

If you don't want to be on facebook, let me know, I'll do a simultaneous hosting on IRC or something, if enough people want to ask me stuff (or you can just send questions here and I'll answer it there and here =))

Congrats to CS Pacat who accomplished the seemingly impossible


And made it look easy.


I'm the happy kind of shocked.  :D

How many?

How many of a new-to-you author's books do you read before you say "Nope, no more, I don't like you."


One?  Three?  Maybe you're an extreme masochist or an optimist (same thing) and you keep hoping that this one sounds so damn good and might be The One?


How many times do you let a favorite writer disappoint you before you bump them off your auto-buy list and take them one book at a time?  Once?  Twice?  Never?


Are there authors you used to love and now refuse to read any more?



All kinds of fun updates

I send you all the feels!


Poll Results!

Stuffs...I'm horrible at titles.


I'm interviewed on The Prism Book Alliance

Some updates on things. =D

Tom Hiddelstud
Tom Hiddelstud

Meanwhile this is for you guys (you know who you are)

>8( I can't leave comments on people's 'currently reading'

Grr >8( Bad booklikes Bad!

Oh, for you (K&L) big Stony Shippers!

For Kate and Marleen and the other Loki fans =D

I thought you'd enjoy this =D